sosumi weaving

handwoven textile design


Kimball Arts Festival, Park City, Utah…..August 2-4

Sun Valley Arts and Crafts Festival, Sun Valley, Idaho……August 9-11

Palo Alto Festival of the Arts, Palo Alto, California……August 24-25

Kings Mountain Art Fair, Woodside, California……August 31- September 2

American Craft Exposition, Glencoe, Illinois….September 20-22

Philadelphia Museum of Art Show, Philadelphia, PA……November 8-10

(Check back for any added shows.)

The Essential Idea

One thing leads to another: Our work is part of the 1960's revival of the Arts & Crafts Movement that originally flourished in the late 1800's to the early 1900's.  Here we are, about a century later, and we believe William Morris made a good point way back in the day: "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."

There is a time and a place for mass-manufacturing.  If you needed a light bulb, would you want to have to find your local light bulb maker?  The wheel bearing you can buy at any auto parts store for under ten dollars--how many hundreds of dollars would it cost if it were hand made?  (And, BTW, it would disintegrate in no time.)

We are true Manufacturers: the word means, literally, "to make by hand."  We endeavor to create well-made items for the home and the person that bring beauty and quality into your daily life. 

Ultimately, we believe value attaches to objects that move directly from our hands, and our lives, into yours.  Look. Imagine.  Welcome in.


Materials & Effect

Our weaving utilizes 100% bamboo yarn, spun from the cellulose of that highly renewable plant material.  Like the cane, the yarn is crazy strong; the dyes are fast, permanent, seriously non-bleeding. 

Once your hand woven scarf comes off the loom and through the washer and dryer, the hand and drape resemble that of a silk/cashmere blend. 

We highly value the crisp visual quality that the bamboo yarn gives our scarves, Precisionist quilts, and decorator pillows.




100% Handmade

All of our products are made by the two of us: Pamela weaves the six- and eight-harness designs (the ones with the more 3-D optical effects); Richard pitches in on the two-harness scarves, as well as the weaving for, and the assembly of, the quilts.  And now: pillows!

We do not out-source our work.  We are Old School:

No compromises.  No excuses.

What you see is what you get--and we made it!