sosumi weaving

handwoven textile design

About our work:

We design and hand weave fashion items for the person and the home.

We weave our designs out of 100% bamboo.

Yes: bamboo.

When we begin work, we are working with bamboo yarn that has already been spun and dyed.  The yarn is created by a method similar to that used to create rayon from wood waste: the cellulose is plasticized, extruded into a fine filament, then spun into an extremely long-staple, very strong yarn.

Despite the bamboo plant's reputation for outstanding strength and toughness, bamboo in the form of yarn creates fabric of amazing softness and drape.  Our bamboo scarves, for instance, have the feel of a silk/cashmere blend, but only require the easy care of machine wash, machine dry.



          We produce the following items:


Our scarves tend to finish out at 9-10" wide, by about 72" long, not counting fringe.  We can make scarves to your custom dimensions.  There may be a reasonable upcharge for changes in size.  Our weave structures are known for their crisp, graphic appearance, many giving the illusion of a third dimension.  To say the least, we are not afraid of color.  Most of our scarves are priced at US$180.  Africa is US$200.  Wider designs--shawls and half-shawls--vary.


These are almost always custom orders to satisfy your specific requirements of size and color(s).  We can work from fabric swatches or paint swatches--even photos.  Let's talk.


Our quilts are contemporary in design.  They are (so far) king-size, with a pillow tuck (approx. 104" square).  The top skirts, sashing, and binding and back are cotton flannel.  The batting is cotton.  We invite you to design your own bespoke quilt: you decide on size, color(s), weave structure for an absolutely unique item for your home.  King-size quilts are priced at US$5500.  Contact for pricing on other sizes.

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