sosumi weaving

handwoven textile design

Some employers like to reward their employees' dedication and efforts (aka, productivity) with occasional tangible gifts.

Our hand woven, American-made bamboo scarves might be a nice, unexpected alternative to another mug or genuine onyx desk set.

We can design for both women and men--presumably more conservative Styles in more neutral Color(s) for men, more colorful and flamboyant for women (but not necessarily so).  By the way, when we are at a show, selling directly to the public, about half of our sales are to, or for, men. 

As you can see, we can put together many combinations of Style and Color(s).  Do you have a specific PMS color scheme to your logo?  Perhaps we can match that (or at least come as close as we can, given the palette of yarns available to us).

An approach previous clients have used is to provide at least two combinations of Style and Color for the women to receive, two other combos for the men.  The recipients may then swap off with one another as they wish.

Pricing is variable.  It will be between wholesale and retail.  Just where in that range is a factor of quantity and complexity.  The larger the order, the lower the price; the less complexity in Styles and Colors, the lower the price.

We are happy to provide your employees' gifts to you ready for presentation: wrapped in tissue in an attractive pillow box, gift name tags attached, etc.  Maybe you would prefer your own gift tags for us to attach.  Color coding for men/women?  We will work with you on all the details.

If you are intrigued, let's discuss....