sosumi weaving

handwoven textile design


Ordering is different here. And.... it is always FREE! Even on a quilt!

As you can see, if you have clicked your way through some of the Style links on the SCARVES page, the combinations of Styles multiplied by Colors are practically endless.  We are constantly fooling around with weave structures (Styles) and colorways.  Even for us, there is very little repetition.

As a result, we rarely have back stock on hand.  In fact, your best bet for a pret a porter purchase is to see us at a show and pull what you like off the rack.

Your online order will almost certainly be woven just for you.

It's pretty cool to have something made specially for you, but that means a little time in between.

If we have your scarf in stock, it will be mailed to you the same, or next, business day.

If you order a scarf not in stock, there will be a delay of, say, two to three weeks while your design is warped up, woven, finished, and mailed to you.

MAX BUCKS: Using your Max Bucks is easy:  make your selections, click CHECKOUT; in the Promo Code box, type in the serial number on your Max Bucks bill: letters and numbers.  Not case-sensitive; spaces don't matter.


Whenever we speak to our customers at a show, we always hear the question: "Are these table runners?, or scarves?"

The answer is: Yes.

When we are designing, we are thinking in terms of scarves for men and women.

If the size, Style, and Color(s) of a scarf will work for you as a table runner, fine.  More often than not, though, we make table runners to custom order, to meet your requirements.

Chances are, no matter what Style you like, you will want a certain length and width for your table--or sofa (as a throw).

Also, we can work with you on the Color(s) to complement your decor.  Some clients send us paint "chips"; or e-mail us photos.  We can send you reeling samples of the actual yarns for your approval.  We are easy to work with.


Quilts are an occasional labor of love for R.  Sometimes they are made on spec; sometimes to a client's order. 

Each quilt takes about one full month from warping to labeling and shipping.

The quilts are made to fit a King Size bed.  Hand woven bamboo fabric makes up the squares that, in turn make up the "field."  The field covers the plateau of the mattress, so to speak, and up and over the pillows.

The sashing, skirts, and back are cotton flannel.  The side and foot skirts tend to finish out with a drape of 14-16". 

The quilts are no-foolin'.  They are heavy, and they are warm.

For more information and some pricing, go to the Quilts page.