sosumi weaving

handwoven textile design

Stay Tuned:

NEW DESIGNS ARE IN PROCESS: New pillows are in the works.  We are giving special  emphasis to the Modern Abstracts with their pieced, geometric look.  Front fields are done; soon to be "framed"; then sewn up with the zippers and backs.  We may or may not be able to get photos up before we head out to a series of shows.  See us at Park City, Sun Valley, Kings Mountain (CA), or The Plaza show in KC.



Pillows are a new addition to our line.

MATERIALS:  The front of the pillow is made of one or more pieces of our handwoven bamboo fabric.  That field of the handwoven fabric is framed in black flannel; the back is a solid piece of the same black flannel.  On the bottom edge of the pillow there is an invisible zipper sewn in.  Our label is on the back.  The pillow insert is non-allergenic synthetic down, made in America.

SIZE:  The pillow case is sewn to 24" X 24"; the pillow insert is 26" X 26".  The wonderfully overstuffed finished pillow is approximately 22" X 22" by 7" thick.  Each one weighs about 5 lbs.

AVAILABILITY:  Pillows are made in pairs.  The pieced pillows tend to be mirror-matched, and are available only as a pair.  Other pillows may be available as individuals.  Some pillows depicted are already sold, and shown only as examples.  Each pair made is, frankly, unique and very unlikely to be repeated.  If you like something already sold, we can come fairly close in appearance, but each pair is pretty much a bespoke one-off.