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And Now It Continues

Pamela WhitlockComment

We are not certain how often we will update our blog but for now it'll be fairly regularly. It adds another routine to the day which is always a good thing.

If you are reading this and are in the Jackson Hole area you will be able to see our work again fairly soon! We are going to have a booth at Takin' It to the Streets on September 13th. This takes place at the end of the Fall Arts Festival and coincides with one of our favorite events, Taste of the Tetons. We don't have our booth number/location yet but it's a very small show and only locals exhibit in it. You can't miss us! We will have a wonderful selection of scarves plus four of our big quilts.We will also be doing a show in Denver in October but we will post more about that one once we have the information. 

Let's show you a picture of a virtual quilt that has sold. Obviously it had many more blocks but this will give you an idea of a totally different design that can certainly be made to order. This one was in black+deep charcoal alternating with squares of black+off white but it could be made in any color combinations.  

And in case you wondered what our studios look like..... here's Pamela's. Not very big!(12'x14')(But she gets a lot done in this small space.) We'll post some pix of Richard's tomorrow.