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Lest We Forget

Pamela WhitlockComment

Sometimes a video of a penman master is just way more important than photos of an artist's studio. And that's exactly what happened yesterday. 

Richard's studio is large. It fills up about 1000 square feet of our basement. He has many, many windows that bring in beautiful light from the south, west, and north.We had the house built with tall ceilings in the basement so you never feel closed in. His studio can accomplish many tasks. He can do woodworking there as well as metalwork (he has a most beautiful 1940's metal lathe!)  He can make jewelry there as well as cloisonne.  And he has a small spot for weaving on his loom.  But we have chosen to show you the quilting part of his studio.  Although too complicated to explain, Richard has done some wonderful ad-hoc engineering to make, in effect, an alternative to a long arm quilting machine. 

And as a quick note we would like to add two things. First of all we hope to have a shopping cart up and running soon.  And finally you can find us on FaceBook at Sosumi/Pamela Whitlock.