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And All Of A Sudden...

Pamela WhitlockComment

We seem to have shifted from Summer right into Autumn. The days are shorter, the light falls differently, it is definitely cooler at night, the aspens are turning gold, the maples in the Canyon have changed to red, and the deer are finding their way back into our neighborhood. Many of the birds have already migrated to points south. We are hurrying to get our outdoor projects finished before the freezing temperatures set in for good.... or at least for the next eight months.

An interesting factoid: As we have mentioned in a prior blog the Textile Museum is one of our great accounts. But what you might not know is that after the work arrives at the museum it is scheduled to be put into the deep freezer for a week to make certain that no bugs are inadvertently brought in. With rare textiles a part of the displays no chances can be taken with fiber-eating moths.

And now for a quick peek at a new design. We are calling it TerriChex after Pamela's bestie.