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A New Year. Some New Things!

Pamela WhitlockComment

Here we are well into 2017. Right now we are finishing up all the things that go into making up a new line. New color combinations....many! A few new designs....more to come as we add a new, more complex loom to the ones we already have. Look for crazy new patterns as we experiment with twice as many possibilities with our new-to-us 16H loom. We hope to have it here by March and up and running by April.

We have finished weaving all we can do in time for The Big Show: American Craft Council show in Baltimore. This will be our 28th year and one that we really enjoy doing as long as the weather cooperates on both ends. Our work has been woven, washed, and dried. It has been labeled and tagged and even photographed. All that is left is to pack it up in our two carry-on bags. We hope we will be able to fit everything in. Flying out of Jackson Hole into DC where we store our booth...and get to stay with friends. We will become morning commuters for five days as we drive a rental car from Northern Virginia up to Baltimore, a trip that generally takes about fifty minutes.

Fingers crossed it all goes well!

(A sneak peek at some new work on the loom.)